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Five Most Important Things to Consider When Increasing Muscle Mass.

One of the most challenging task athletes face is increasing muscle mass. I’ve worked with many athletes over the years where their primary goal was to gain size in the offseason to be better prepared for the upcoming season on the field. Below are some of tips I give to every person I train looking to increase muscle mass throughout our training.

  • Carbs are your best friend: You’ll need to energy, don’t neglect them!
  • Don’t fear red meat and dairy in your diet: red meat will increase strength levels in men tremendously! Lean sources like flank steak, and lean ground beef. Dairy, such as cheese and cottage are phenomenal to aide in mass.
  • Don’t race through workouts! CPT levels in muscle are exhausted within the first 30sec of a set, and take 3-5min to restore. Therefore, 3-5min breaks in between heavy sets are a smart strategy. Longer breaks are fine if needed!
  • SLEEP! The most change the body makes is during sleep. You need to force yourself to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, along with naps if you can sneak them in. Preferably the more hours you can get sleep in before midnight, the better. It has shown that going to bed around 9:00pm aides in better recovery and drastically helps in anti-aging benefits.
  • Focus on 3-8 Rep sets at a minimum of 75-80% 1RM. If you want to grow, you have to lift to grow!

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