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Fitness Trackers: Which One?

In today’s era of fitness trackers, it’s hard to figure out where to even begin. There are so many different options that as soon as you begin looking you can easily get frustrated. The first thing you need to decide is what you want your tracker for. In my case, I really like fitness trackers to track my workouts in as much detail as possible. After downloading dozens of apps, the one I feel is the most compatible to what my specific desires are is the Gymaholic fitness tracker. Though it will link to an Apple Watch, this is not a wearable device, but an app driven tracker (which is nice for us wanting to track and log our training without the annoyance of wearing something on our wrist). For those of us looking for a tracker that you don’t have to wear, let me go over the perks of the Gymaholic fitness tracker app.

First, this tracker allows you to create workouts and exercises as you go. This is great for being able to input a workout program you are already following from your trainer or a possible program you are following in Men’s Health without the irritation of either not being able to input your program exactly how it is, or trying to siphon through hundreds of pre-made exercises within an app’s already existing exercise library just to find the exact match to what movement you’re performing. It also saves your workout programs you input as well as custom exercises you create, so you can easily log your specific movements every time you train. 

Second, Gymaholic has a history tab feature that allows you to go back and refer to any previous workout you did. This is nice because sometimes the best way for some to track their progress is to refer back to previous workouts in order to see and compare work capacity completed. You can also set rest times between sets, supersets, and exercises to make sure you’re staying at the desired pace for your workouts. What I think is the best part of this tab is are the graph trackers that allow you to see multiple progressions such as; Number of Workouts per Month, Exercises by Muscle Group, Total Workout Duration per Month (hour:min), Average Workout Duration per Month (hour:min), Total Workout Kcal per Month, Average Workout Kcal per Month, Total Weight Lifted by Muscle Groups, and Average Repeats by Muscle Groups. For me, that’s really getting a very in-depth look at your training protocol for your body. 

Third, the app has a progress tab where you can track your body weight, and body circumference measurements as often as you’d like. This app also syncs to the Apple Watch and has a database backup so you can assure yourself not running the risk of losing anything tracked if the app were to ever crash. 

In conclusion, I have come across many apps that are sufficient for most wanting help with tracking their fitness. However, for those of us who want to feel like we’re getting absolutely everything out of our tracker my recommendation is the Gymaholic app. They have taken plenty of time and precise thought to create an app with as many stimulating and motivating components to enhance the users engagement. To me, it’s a must have fitness tracker and the pinnacle for tracking your workouts precisely.