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Chest Training Challenge #1


Most guys out there love training their chest. The idea of a chest the size of a battle shield is very popular to about 100% of men, but many struggle to put size on their chest. I was one of those guys. When I first started training, the idea of being able to bench press 135lbs (that’s a standard barbell with one 45lbs on each side to it) seemed like such magnificent accomplish and nearly unattainable! No joke, I never thought I’d ever get to 135lbs bench press when I began training. Needless to say, I was able to accomplish this goal and more!

One thing I’ve done for the last 20 years is always trying to find different ways to challenge myself and my body when training. This video is one of my favorite training challenges, pick a specific weight and trying to hit a specific rep count as fast as possible. Now, if you can handle 100lbs dumbbells feel free to give it a shot. Most have a hard time with this heavy of weight when doing challenges like this one, so start light and build from there. Most of the athletes I train do this challenge with 55lbs dumbbells, trying to hit 50 reps as fast as possible.

Ready for the challenge? HERE WE GO!

This challenge is to be done at the end of your workout. It literally should be the last set you do in your chest training workout. Set your rep count goal at 30 reps, and attempt to finish this set of 30 as fast as possible with good technique and as uptempo as you can control it. For gauging purposes, my personal time with 75lbs incline dumbbell presses for 50 reps is 47 seconds, and above, 100lbs incline dumbbell presses for 30 reps is roughly 35 seconds.

Good luck, and GET AFTER IT!