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Joint Strength & Stabilization Training

When it comes to strength training, one of the biggest issues that come to surface is joint pain. Muscle strength can increase at a pretty impressive rate with the right training protocol, nutrition, and recovery model. However, tendons and ligaments strengthen at a much slower rate than muscle tissue.

I, myself, have dealt with this exact problem throughout life. The first time I dealt with joint pain was in my early years during a pretty significant growth spurt. I went from 5’3 the last day of sixth grade to 5’10 the first day of seventh grade. Then 5’10 the last day seventh grade to 6’3 the first day of eighth grade! I finally reached my maximum height at 6’6 in tenth grade, but my joints felt the pain of that for a few more years after I had stopped growing.

The other times I dealt with joint pain was after I had fell in love with training and started experiencing rapid strength increases. My knees and elbows were the most noticeable. It would almost feel as if they were being ripped apart as I began to train. Not a very good feeling at all, and a definite deterrent with a training experience.

Over the years, I have researched and practically applied different methods and techniques to aide in increasing tendon and ligament strength more rapidly with the athletes I work with. The number one priority in athletics is decreasing the potential of injury as much as possible for my players so they can excel and reach their maximal potential in their sport. By training in unbalanced load environments, we are able to stimulate tendons and ligaments to engage and work harder than with traditional resistance training movements. This helps generate quicker strength development in tendons and ligaments, thus creating a much stronger and safer joint. I have great success implementing these exercises into my athlete’s training protocols and feel you will have the same success implementing them into yours! Below are example clips of a handful of movements I do in order to strengthen and stabilize joints in our athletes and clients.